Choosing earth-friendly packaging supplies go a long way in minimising waste and pollution. We offer eco-friendly packaging solutions so that you can avoid using non-recyclable plastic as much as possible. 

FSC certified

Using fewer raw materials is a legitimate nod to environmental concerns. Our mailer boxes are redesigned to reduce materials waste. Made up of only single wall carton, we strengthen its durability by using premium Japanese grade kraft paper. Paper are responsibly sourced and are FSC certified. We work hard to find that proper balance just for you and our environment.



The easiest way to ensure the packaging creates the least impact on the planet is by manufacturing it using recyclable materials. All our boxes contain recycled content! 

Making the right decision

An NEA study found that biodegradables also create negative environmental impact. Especially in Singapore's context, all disposable are not directly landfilled but are incinerated to waste-to-energy plants. Sustainable packaging decisions are more complex than replacing one material with another. Instead, we should reuse or reduce use of single-use plastic as much as we can. 

Our mission begins with bringing positive changes. Be part of the change with us today.