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Why Printing Services Are Essential for Your Business Growth

The saturation of digital marketing means that it’s the little things that make your business stand out. A personal touch has never been more important. Print-based marketing and custom packaging are crucial for business growth, helping promote your company and build brand awareness.

Understanding the importance of printing services for business growth can help you incorporate it into your marketing strategy. Printing services allow you to outsource the manufacturing of items like custom prints and even branded tissue paper.

At Packink, our printing services will help elevate your packaging and marketing. Take your small business or start-up on the next step of its journey with our custom packaging and custom stickers

  1. Multi-Functional Marketing Material

The importance of printing services for business growth comes from the ability of these products to serve multiple purposes. Packaging products like stickers and cards can double as marketing material, giving you a cost-effective way to build brand awareness.

Using a printing service ensures uniformity between your packaging and marketing to help develop your brand image. Don’t just think of stickers and postcards as packaging. They’re the perfect size and a low-cost investment that you can bring to events and place in stores to drive customer engagement.


  1. Encourages Customers to Post on Social Media

You can’t scroll through TikTok or Instagram without seeing unboxing videos. Your packaging is the first impression the customer gets of your brand. It’s not uncommon for organic content, like unboxing videos and brand reviews, to go viral on social media.

Customers are more likely to post your product online if it comes in professional and aesthetically pleasing packaging. You can work with a printing shop to create customised packaging that reflects your brand image and incorporates your logo. A sample pack is an affordable way to test a printing service before making a larger investment.

  1. Elevates Your Product Quality

You have just seven seconds to make the right first impression. Your packaging is what will make your customer form their first thoughts of your company. Brands with customised packaging create the impression of having a higher quality product. You can evolve your custom packaging as your business grows, going from print cards to custom print mailer boxes. Uploading your custom artwork is easy, giving you full creative control.

  1. Develops Brand Recognition

As your business grows, brand recognition is important. Your customers and audience should start to recognise your logo and brand colours. Working with a print shop allows your company to stand out against the competition with packaging that works as a visual marketing tool to promote brand recognition. Tell your brand’s story and build a


Build Brand Awareness with Our Custom Printing Services

At Packink, we offer affordable custom packaging to help you grow your business. As a Singapore-based print shop, we create custom packaging, stickers, and products to tell your brand story and engage with your customers.

Find out more about how our custom packaging can elevate your branding, and follow our Instagram for packaging inspiration.



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